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  • Fouta petrolio | Details
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Fouta | Mon Pastel

Handcrafted cotton fabric.

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Fouta is a handcrafted fabric. Historically, it was used to cover the body in the hammam. Today it has many uses: it's perfect as a beach towel, because the body dries very quickly. Thanks to its consistency it dries quickly, it's light, it takes up little space. Te more you use it and wash it, the more it gets soft!

This fouta has another distinctive feature: the scent! A light fragrance, vague and trenchant at the same time, delicately sweet. It makes you think of summer, sun, light-heartedness.

Mon Pastel is an Italian project that arises and gets inspiration from many travels, experiences, passions and meetings. Mon Pastel is craftsmanship, creativity, research and quality.
Additional Information
Brand Mon Pastel
Designer Beatrice Lorenzini Girardelli
Material 100% cotton
Short side 100 cm
Long side 200 cm
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