Mags Soft Low Sofa - 3 Seater - Combination 1


Stima di consegna: 5-7 settimane.

Mags Soft Low Sofa - 3 Seater - Combination 1 - Random Fade Beige is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Materiale & Design

Struttura: Betulla.
Glider: Felt Pads.
RIvestimento: Sono disponibili diversi tessuti e colorazioni.
Per visionare tutti i tessuti e colorazioni disponibili consulta il PDF disponibile nella sezione Custom Made.

Dimensioni & Specifiche

278,5 x 103,5 x h 67 cm.
Altezza seduta: 37 cm.


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Non sfoderabile.

Designed with maximum comfort and minimum details, Mags Sofa combines a tight expression with deep seats to create an elegant lounge sofa that has become a HAY classic. With a wide assortment of modular units and variety of upholstery options, Mags offers numerous customisation possibilities, making it a versatile choice for diverse domestic and corporate contexts.