One Step Up Bookcase Low


Stima di consegna: 3-4 settimane.

One Step Up Bookcase Low is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Materiale & Design

Struttura: Frassino.
Pianale: acciaio.

Dimensioni & Specifiche

78 x 45 x h 126 cm.
Portata Massima per Pianale: 15 kg.


Pulire con un panno umido.

One Step Up is a bookcase that combines form, material and function in a simple and chaste design. Francis Cayouette has been inspired by the ladder as object and he has created a new flexible piece of furniture ideal for storage.
One Step Up creates room and frame for storage. Place various One Step Up bookcases beside each other and create your own bookcase system. One Step Up bookcase can also be used as a light room divider.

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