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Fully biodegradable.

Thanks to Cradle to cradle principle, reWrap produces cases and sleeves that are made of 100% reusable materials, with 100% renewable energy and 100% social production.

The sleeves start with the wool of Merino sheeps. They are bred in a natural environment, using ethical farming practices without the use of pesticides. To remove impurities the wool is washed in recycled water with biological soap. The pure wool is converted into felt by a process of rubbing and heating. This process is fully mechanical and thus without the use of chemicals. The wool felt is dyed using a toxin-free, biodegradable synthetic dye. The thread used to sew together the felt is made out of fully ecologically grown cotton certified according to the GOTS standard. To avoid unnecessary use of materials for the label, the logo is stamped into the felt. The packaging is lasered instead of printed, because most inks are not ecological and the ones that are hamper the recycling of paper. The cardboard of the packaging is FSC certified. The sleeves are sewn together in a small workshop in Amsterdam that provides employment to people with a handicap. This way reWrap also helps people with a handicap to develop themselves.

The result is a fully biodegradable sleeve. After use it will turn into compost rather than waste. The compost can then be used as nutrient for nature and the meadows of our sheep. There is no waste and the cycle is completed.

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