Quilton Sofa - Corner Combination 27

Stima di consegna: 5-7 settimane.

Described by the designers as a ‘quilted landscape sofa system’, Quilton serves as a central platform for living, working, socializing and relaxing. Offering a wide assortment of different modules, Doshi Levien’s multi-functional sofa provides the flexibility of a modular system with generous dimensions and sculpted forms. Its numerous upholstery choices include mono, duo, or with a black contrasting platform, with the finely-detailed quilted upholstery encapsulating the softness and volume of the foam and wadding seats and creating exceptional comfort. Quilton takes sofa design to a new level of versatility that makes it suitable for a wide range of domestic and public spaces. Explore selected Quilton combinations below. 

Quilton Sofa - Corner Combination 27 - Hallingdal 103 è un prodotto in preordine. Una volta acquistato, verrà ordinato al fornitore e consegnato nelle tempistiche indicate.


430,5 x 109 x h 72 cm.
Altezza seduta: 41 cm.


Struttura: Betulla.
Glider: Felt Pads.
Rivestimento: Sono disponibili diversi tessuti e colorazioni.
Per visionare tutti i tessuti e colorazioni disponibili consulta il PDF disponibile nella sezione Custom Made.