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Poltrona Bernard

Stima di consegna: 7-9 settimane.

With the objective of creating a new and affordable design classic with a modern appeal to last future generations, Shane Schneck's Bernard explores the easy-chair genre within a contemporary context. The juxtaposition of a solid-wood frame with a visually light cover creates a unique relationship between the two components, resulting in a comfortable and durable chair with a distinctive design language. The frame is crafted in solid oak or beech with different finishes, and the slip-on cover is available in leather or industrial-strength marine canvas.

Poltrona Bernard - Brandy Leather / Beige Grey Lacquered Beech non è al momento disponibile in magazzino. Una volta completato l'ordine, verrà messo in produzione e consegnato nelle tempistiche indicate nella stima di consegna.


77 x 62 x h 73 cm.


Sono disponibili diverse finiture.